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Anton Karyuk

Anton Karyuk is a Ukrainian multidisciplinary artist based in Vilnius. In his practice, the artist explores marginalised segments of society, identities and the dynamics of social ecology. Anton was born in the city of Dnipro, where he received his master’s degree in Architecture. In 2015, he began his professional career as an artist creating abstract paintings, later changing his focus to multidisciplinary media such as installation, performance and video art. Anton has been living and working in Lithuania since 2017. His artistic efforts interact dynamically with public contexts, fostering a deeper connection between art  and society. In his visual narratives, Anton uses abstract artistic language and minimalist form, deftly  manoeuvring between intimate and socially sensitive themes. His multimedia works have been exhibited at international exhibitions, including the European Pavilion  at the 59th Venice Biennale (Italy).


Citizenship: Ukraine

Lives in: Lithuania

Residence: Junly - August 2024






Anton Karyuk

(c) Photo from the project Personal Flag_Anton Karyuk_GraffitiPastel on paper_2017



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