Dunjaluk (Dunja Bahtijarević & Luka Čapeta)

Dunja Bahtijarević and Luka Čapeta belong to an outstanding new generation of Croatia´s Impro, Jazz and World Music Scene, focussing on the tradition of Bosnian SEVDAH. This vocal genre from Sarajevo, Mostar and other towns is sometimes referred to as ´Bosnian Blues`. Luka Čapetas education has included studying Vienna with Peter Rom. His style of playing the instrumental part in Sevdah frees the genre of any foloric clichés, seems to be orientated on great rock and blues idols, echoing the likes of Jimi Hendrix or John Lee Hooker. Dunja Bahtijarević´dark and flexible voice is ideal for singing Sevdah, while she brings her studies and experience in other genres into the mix.

During their residency they want to expand their ideas of re-interpreting traditional forms, as well as teaching and performing at the festival Glatt&Verkehrt. Their premiere of a new program together with Austrian trio whIm (Beate Wiesinger, Michal Wierzgoń,  Philipp Jagschitz) will take place on Thurday July 26th.


Citizenship: Croatia/Bosnia

Lives in: Zagreb, Croatia

Residence: July 2024









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