Copyright Marina Mamyan, Foto: Vahan Melkonyan

Copyright Marina Mamyan, Foto: Vahan Melkonyan

Marina Mamyan

Citizenship: Armenia
Date and Place of Birth: Yerevan/ Armenia
Lives in: Yerevan/ Armenia

Residence: February – March

In cooperation with Galerie Stadtpark

Picture 1 Marina Mamyan

CENTURIES, installation, art work was selected for the 19th International Minitextile Exhibition / SVU Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2017 © Marina Mamyan

Picture 2 Marina Mamyan

TRANSFORMATION, Sculpture, selected for Loosen Art Collection Gallery Project / Millepiani Space, Rome, Italy, 2018 © Marina Mamyan

Picture 3 Marina Mamyan

LATE FALL, part of series "Moods of Nature", 2018 © Marina Mamyan


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