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Sofija Živković

Multilingual literary scholar Sofija Živković graduated from university in Belgrad, travels the world and was living, among other places, in Vienna and Madrid. Since 2014 she has been publishing the anglophile literature magazine No Rules. In addition, Sofija Živković is not only literary critic but also organises cultural events, workshops and poetry readings. Furthermore, she teaches English, Spanish and Serbian.

Her wide range of literary texts not only comprises different styles of writing but also covers various cultural-political fields – she writes essays, short stories, novels, poems, works as a translator and contributed more than 100 articles about society, feminism, culture for magazines and newspapers. Her poems were translated into a number of languages including Albanian, English and Arabian. In 2018 a collection of poetry was published in Serbian, Hungarian and German: Die dreifache Monarchie (translated into German by Jelena Dabic).


Portrait Sofija Živković © Jovana Džopalić

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