Alicja Karska und Aleksandra Went


In their conceptual photography and video works Alicja Karska and Aleksandra Went explore questions of remembering and the mechanism of cultural memory. Working together since 2002, Karska and Went (guests in the AIR – Artist in Residence Lower Austria in the spring of 2017) do not only focus on the logic of inclusion and exclusion, that is, the question as to whether and in what way a cultural artifact or work of art finds its way into the archive; but they also focus their investigations on the omissions, imponderabilities, and hidden realms of the archive, which are often manifested as “blind spots” in the viewing of art. The evocative power of the gaze, that is, the degree to which objects are invested with meaning through the imagination of the viewer, as well as subtle shifts in meaning, disruptions in context, and the distance offered by time are all key devices used in the works of Karska and Went. Viewers are challenged to read what is shown, to decode it and place it in relation to their own “archives.” 


Citizenship: Poland

Dates of Birth: Alicja Karska (1978), Aleksandra Went (1976)

Live in Danzig/Warschau

Residence: October 2022

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