Cornelius Annor

Cornelius Annor © Nii Odzenma

Cornelius Annor

Date and Place of Birth: 1984 in Mamobi, Ghana
Citizenship: Ghana
Lives in Accra, Ghana


Residence: Mid-August - end of September

During his residency in Krems an der Donau he will create paintings for the upcoming exhibition The New African Portraiture. Shariat Collections. Since the beginning of his artistic activity, he has focused on figurative painting. He uses his family albums as archives for his painted group portraits in a private setting. His own identity and culture are negotiated here.

Cornelius Annor

© Cornelius Annor, The Younger Generation or Akyiremma, Acrylic, fabric and fabric transfer on canvas, 2022

Cornelius Annor

© Cornelius Annor, Obaatan (Motherly Love), acrylic, fabric and fabric transfer on canvas, Amir Shariat, 2022



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