Daniëlle Huls

Daniëlle Huls © Judith Jockel

Daniëlle Huls

Date and Place of Birth: 1969 in Sittard, Netherlands
Citizenship: Netherlands
Lives in Amsterdam

CV Daniëlle Huls

Residence: July 2022


In cooperation with ORTE Architekturnetzwerk Niederösterreich

Daniëlle Huls is a Dutch architect and urban planner. She runs her own architectural practice "KettingHuls". "KettingHuls" architecture is open-minded in its practice, has an eye for the inhabited environment and seeks beauty in the everyday. During her residency, Daniëlle Huls will look at the typology of the square courtyards in the Mostviertel and make a comparison between them and the Dutch carréboerderijs.


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