Radek Maly

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Radek Maly


Radek is poet, translator and writer. He studied German and Bohemistic studies at the Palacký University in Olomouc and currently works as a translator, editor and university teacher. Among other works Radek Malý translated poems by Georg Trakl, Paul Celan and Erich Kästner into Czech. His collections of poems received several renowned prizes, e.g. the Jiří Orten-prize for Vranízpěvy in 2003. His book for young adults Franz Kafka – A Man of His Time and Our Own (2017; translated into German by Mirko Kraetsch) and the poetry collection for children Listonoš vítr (“Postman Wind”, 2011), for which he received the Magnesia Litera, have achieved international success.

Citizenship: CH

Date of Birth: 1977

Lives in Prague

Residence: November 2022

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