Anja Golob

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Anja Zag Golob

Anja is a poet, translator, co-founder and editor-in-chief of the VigeVageKnjige publishing house, specialized in publishing comics for kids and graphic novels for (young) adults. She regularly works as a columnist for Studio City, a show on Slovene national television, and Večer, a Slovene daily newspaper. She studied philosophy and comparative literature at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. She lives and works between Ljubljana, Maribor and Brussels. Anja is considered as one of the most renowned poets in contemporary Slovenian literature.

So far, she published 4 poetry collections (V roki 2010, Vesa v zgibi 2013, Didaskalije k dihanju 2016, da ne bo več prišla da ne bo da me žge da se odganjam 2019). The second and third were awarded The Jenko Award for best Slovene poetry collection in the past 2 years (2014, 2016), the fourth The Kritiško sito Award for best Slovene book of the past year (2020).

Reading on September, 30, 2023: Anja Zag Golob reads at the W. H. Auden Poesiefest in Kirchstetten.

Citizenship: Slovenia

Lives in: SI-1000 Ljubljana

Residence: September 2023

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