Antoaneta Gabalova

In her practice as a painter Antoaneta works with images from various sources. Very often the starting points are the images and objects she collect and from which she draw inspiration. For the artist the connections, visible and invisible, between past and present, while exploring subjects as memory, history and social Issues are important for her work.

In the process of painting she aims to capture the sense of continuity and change blending recognisable elements with completely abstract matters and substances.

The stories behind the works are not direct, but still, they carry out some symbolism, combine political, social and personal experiences referencing cultural processes and the state of society today.


Citizenship: Bulgaria

Date of Birth: 1969

Lives in: Sophia

Residence: June 2023

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Antoaneta Galabova

© Antoaneta Galabova

Antoaneta Galabova

© Antoaneta Galabova


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