Dagmara Kraus

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Dagmara Kraus

The icon of experimental poetry was born in Wroclaw, studied Comparative Literature and Art History in Leipzig, Berlin, and Paris, and Literary Writing at the German Literature Institute. She has been publishing since 2008. For her poetic work, she has received various awards, including the Erlangen Literature Prize for Poetry as Translation in 2017, the Kassel Prize for Comical Literature in 2018, and the Basel Poetry Prize in 2018.

As a translator, she has been involved with the Polish poet Miron Białoszewski, to whom she dedicated a book titled Murfla and die Blocksbärte (Wunderhorn 2022), delving into the work of this “renowned eccentric of Polish post-war literature and guru of an entire generation of linguistically oriented poets.”

With her debut book kummerang (kookbooks 2012) and the follow-up kleine grammaturgie (roughbooks 2013), the poet secured her place in the top tier of experimental poetry.

Through precisely crafted techniques, the poet explores language – or, as a multilingual artist, delves into languages – creating new (sonic) universes, making associations, anagramming, and letting herself be carried by her linguistic material. She has also written a children’s book entitled “alle nase diederdase” (kookbooks 2017).

Reading on September, 30, 2023: Dagmara Kraus reads at the W. H. Auden Poesiefest in Kirchstetten.


Citizenship: Polen / Germany

Lives in: Strasbourg

Residence: September 2023


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