David Glockner

David Glockner writes historical novels: "The Illegitimate Son of the Emperor" (Císařův levoboček), "The Curse of the Auersperg Family" (Prokletí rodu Auerspergů), and "The Secret of the Rott Family" (Tajemství rodu Rottů). Before turning to book writing, he worked as a graphic designer and editor for newspapers and magazines. He lives with his family in North Bohemia.

The manuscript he plans to complete in Krems bears the working title "You Understood Nothing" (Nic jsi nepochopil). It revolves around a tragic love story involving an esoteric teacher, the son of a murderer, an archivist with a messiah complex, and a naive flirt, all seasoned with the quest for the mysterious Golden Grail of the Ore Mountains.

Citizenship: Czech Republic

Lives in: 40001 Ústí nad Labem

Residence: November 2023



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