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The artist duo Anna Khodkova and Kristina Yarosh

Anna und Kristina founded a printing studio in 2016, specializing in various graphic techniques such as etching, engraving on cardboard, monotype, silkscreen and the creation of art books. In the same year, the artists designed a bomb for an exhibition, which has acquired a whole new relevance today in the face of the Russians' war of aggression against Ukraine.

Sokol Prize Winner 2023
On Friday, March 10, 2023 Anna Khodkova and Kristina Yarosh were awarded with an AIR - ARITST IN RESIDENCE Niederösterreich scholarship.

Citizenship: Ukraine

Date of Birth: Anna Khodkova (1990), Kristina Yarosh (1994)

Lives in: Berlin

Residence: March 2023

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