Ghita Ait Bensalah

Ghita Ait Bensalah

Ghita is currently an associate professor at the Université Euromed de Fès. She gratuated with a master's degree in graphic and media design from ESAV Marrakech. The artist's illustrations are inspired by old photographs of her family from her youth and are placed in a new fantastic context. In the graphic series "Recreating my family’s memories“ Ghita retells her family history. Most of the artist's illustrations are inspired by old pictures of your family. This combines her passion for fantastic themes, nostalgia, memories and her strong bond with her family.

Sokol Prize Winner 2023
On Friday, March 10, 2023 Ghita Ait Bensalah was awarded with an AIR - ARITST IN RESIDENCE Niederösterreich scholarship.


Citizenship: Marocco

Date of Birth: 1994

Lives in: Marrakech

Residence: February & March 2023

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