Maren Wurster

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Maren Wurster

The author studied film studies and philosophy in Cologne and Literary Writing at the German Literature Institute Leipzig. Her debut novel Das Fell (“The Fur”) was published in 2017, followed by the book Papa stirbt, Mama auch (“Dad Dies, Mom Too”, all Hanser Berlin) in 2021. She completed this exploration of death with the title Totenwache (“Deathwatch”, Leykam) in 2022. She lives in Berlin and in Wendland with her son.

Her latest standalone book Eine beiläufige Entscheidung (“A Casual Decision”, Hanser Berlin 2022) touches on a taboo subject: a woman’s refusal to care for her child, leaving her son to grow up without her. In a precise and fearless language, Maren Wurster tells the story of the loneliness of an abandoned child and the desperation of a mother making a radical, socially condemned decision, skillfully rolling both perspectives towards each other from different angles.

In the book Verluste (“Losses”, 2023), the author, together with Petra Kappler, invites authors to follow an often painful trail: farewells of various kinds, lost or seemingly lost things are the focus of contemplations.


Maren Wurster reads from Mama stirbt, Papa auch on October 25th, 6 p.m., at the Stadtbücherei Krems


Citizenship: Germany

Lives in: Gartow / Niedersachsen

Residence: October 2023

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