Sid Fiore Branca

Sid Fiore Branca © Sarah Joyce

Sid Fiore Branca

Sid Fiore Branca is a transdisciplinary artist, writer, and educator currently based in the United States. As both a maker and an art historical thinker, they are primarily focused on sequential art: a broad definition of time-based media that includes film, video, performance, sound, but also text works and book arts, as well as multimedia installation or browser-based projects that span many forms.

Branca is drawn to the connections between modes of making, exploring how translation, adaptation, and other technologies of mediation impact a work. Where does cinema blur into theater? How does a poem transform across languages or media? When does fiction best serve a documentary agenda of “truth”? In both Branca’s own artistic output and the work they are drawn to critically, these approaches to formal experimentation – as well the use of the genre fiction modes such as science fiction and horror – can often be metaphorically linked to experiences of gender, sexuality, and disability.

Branca holds degrees from the University of Chicago and Columbia College Chicago, and is an Assistant Professor Adjunct in the department of Film, Video, New Media, and Animation at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. They are a member of the New Media Caucus, First Floor Theater, and the College Art Association.

Current projects include: an experimental media narrative about an extraterrestrial who processes dysmorphia through an obsessive love of Earth musicals; a translation and research project around poetry from Weimar era Germany; the return of American Vampire, a podcast I co-host with Cyrus Finegan about the politics and psychology of the Twilight franchise.


Citizenship: USA

Lives in: Chicago

Residence: July 2023

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Sid Branca

still from enter body into field, 2023 © Sid Branca, cinematography: Sofia Cordova

Sid Branca

still from My Fathers Name, 2018 © Sid Branca


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