Almuth Ertl       

Almuth Ertl is a designer, illustrator and artist from Germany. She lives and works in Hamburg. She is a long-standing member of the female artists´ collective „Spring“ and has been represented for many years in the annual monothematic drawing anthology „Spring“.

Her drawing style is reduced, free and associative. In her works she plays with the contrast between naturalistic drawing and abstract elements. With the associative elements, the use of universally valid as well as private symbols and metaphors, her drawings are an invitation to the spectator to spin the posed questions further and enter into an intellectual exchange.

In addition to drawings, objects and art installations also form an important part of her artistic work. She puts special importance to the materiality of her objects and the atmosphere they evoke.

Thematically, Almuth Ertl is concerned with correlations and structures, both in a formal and human related sense.

During her stay in Krems she plans to have a daily drawing exchange with the artist marialuisa Witte (she will also be an Incoming AIR artist in June 2024)  about her very own impressions and experiences at Krems. From this collection she will expand particular ideas in terms of  form and content in order to extend the visual concepts into spatial ideas in form of objects and art installations.


Citizenship: German

Lives in: Hamburg, Germany

Residence: February 2024



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