Anya Ru

Anya Ru is a graphic designer, animation director, printmaker and handmade artist based in Genoa, Italy. She graduated in 2009 from State Pedagogical University with a World Art specialization. Since 2013 she has started her professional graphic designer career in London. Later on she moved back to Italy and since 2015 she works as a freelance graphic designer and photographer. In 2021 she was selected to take part in an animation course at Big Animation School, which led to her first student animation film.  In 2021 she and her friend have founded an independent animation union ALFALUMA, where they successfully directed animation short films (“Papa is big, I am small”, “Tangerine Jam”, “Steklishko”, etc.) which were selected for prestigious international festivals. In her works she likes to unite graphics and animation with craft materials, applying manual skills and personal taste for retro style. During her Residency in Krems she  works on two animation projects and a children's book.


Citizenship: Italy/Russia

Lives in: Genoa, Italy

Residence: May 2024






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