Julia Toggenburger

Julia Toggenburger (born 1991) grew up in Winterthur and studied Literary Writing at the Literary Institute in Biel / Bienne from 2018 to 2021. She is active in the Swiss cultural scene as a musician, DJ, radio producer, organizer, and freelance author, and lives in Winterthur. She writes poetry, experimental prose, and texts for the stage. Her first poetry collection, Nebelgrenze, was published by Mäd Book (Basel) in December 2022.

«The 32-year-old Julia Toggenburger is considered one of the promising young talents of German-language poetry from Switzerland with her poetry collection Nebelgrenze [...]» — Daniel Rothenbühler, Ostragehege Issue 110.

Project outline “EROSION II” (working title):

Starting from the text "e r o s i o n," which consists of clearly framed poetry with a visual focus, Julia Toggenburger wants to proceed in a more prosaic manner in her next writing step. She wants to find out how the change in its genre itself influences the content of the text. While in "e r o s i o n" the feeling of powerlessness of the lyrical self is predominant, "EROSION II" aims to perceive itself as a space for action and bring the landscape back into play more prominently, as well as give the I-narrator more time, more lines, and more opportunities for the voice than just the hurried, quick forward escape.


Citizenship: Schwitzerland

Lives in: Winterthur, Schwitzerland

Residence: June 2024






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