Enrico Malatesta

The Italian percussionist and sound researcher Enrico Malatesta is primarily active in the fields of experimental music, sound intervention and performance. He explores the relationships between sound, space and body and is concerned with the vitality of materials and the morphology of surfaces, especially in relation to percussive actions and ways of listening. Since 2007, Enrico Malatesta has presented his works worldwide on tours and at various festivals. He was already a guest in Krems once in 2012. During his latest residency, he will work on a new composition for marimba and perform the work “Occam XXVI + Occam River” together with violinist Silvia Tarozzi, which was created in collaboration with the French composer Eliane Radigue in August 2018, in Vienna at Echoraum on March 2, 2024.


Citizenship: Italy

Lives in: Cesena

Residence: February 2024



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