Ivan Iovine

Ivan Iovine is an interaction designer and media artist. He works as a research assistant in the the Geoinformation Management department at Fraunhofer IGD. He studied Interactive Media Design at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and Time-based Media at Mainz University of Applied Sciences. The research projects in which he is active have in the field of geoinformation, in particular the conception and development of interactive and development of interactive applications in the context of 3D visualization and interactive interactive analysis of 3D city models. He also devotes himself to media art. His artistic work focuses primarily on the areas of physical areas of physical interaction, machine learning and robotics. By overlapping these disciplines, he develops speculative works that raise questions about how humans, machines and nature communicate and interact with each other.. His artworks have been exhibited at various electronic art festivals and conferences in Europe and Asia.


Citizenship: Italy

Lives in: Germany

Residence: February 2024



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