Catalina Bucos © Willian Reinecke

Catalina Bucos © Willian Reinecke

Catalina Bucos

Citizenship: Moldova 
Date and Place of Birth: 1997 in Moldova
Lives in Chișinău, Moldova

Residence: August 2019

Curriculum vitae

Picture Catalina Bucos

The Door, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine 2017, an installation by Bucos Catalina, image and editing by Maxim Kuzmenco, sound editing by Denis Bartenev, Photo by Catalina Bucos

Picture Catalina Bucos

The River, Tiraspol, Transnistria 2018, Performance by Bucos Catalina, Video By Anna Galatonova, Sound by Mircea Bastovoi, Photo by Anna Galatonova

Picture Catalina Bucos

Limited Edition, Offenbach Germany 2018, A group performance, result from a workshop by Billy Bultheel and Francesca Aigner, Photo by Maximilian Prag


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