Oli Watt © Oliver Watt

Oli Watt © Oliver Watt

Oli Watt

Citizenship: UK
Date and Place of Birth: 1976 in Suffolk (UK)
Lives in Chicago

Residence: July-August 2019

Curriculum vitae

Picture 1 Oliver Watt

The Complete Volume, Carved Maple, encyclopedia set, installed at Faber and Faber, Chicago, 2017 © Oliver Watt

Picture 2 Oliver Watt

Slowest Century, Screensprint on pine, maple tree stump, flooring material, felt, exhibited in signs and signifiers, Bellarmine University, Louisville, KY, 2016 © Oliver Watt

Picture 3 Oliver Watt

Decoys, Rectified carved, found objects, 2018 © Oliver Watt


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