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This year's joint exhibition of AIR – ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Niederösterreich and GALERIE IG BILDENDE KUNST creates a dialogue between two artists who have a very different approach to the way human beings occupy and perceive spaces. Judith Saupper and AIR artist Helen Grogan were invited to develop new works specifically addressing the exhibition space.

The Austrian artist Judith Saupper develops and builds spaces and topographies as settings for potential narratives. Her works are testing grounds exploring the perception of landscape and a sense of home or reflecting the experience of cities and the feelings they awaken. In doing so, she incorporates existing architecture. The installation Ideal Cities, which is newly created for the exhibition, is a case in point. In her site-specific work, Saupper addresses if and how different cities can be compared and examines current developments of the urban sphere in a both humorous and critical manner.

The practice of the Australian based artist Helen Grogan is concerned with systems of observing, sensing, and locating. Untitled (FIELD RECORDINGS – PART I. 2018-2028) is developed by Grogan specifically for the GALERIE IG BILDENDE KUNST during the summer 2018 as part of research undertaken at AIR – ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Niederösterreich program in Krems. With a particular interest in framing what is already occurring currently, Grogan works from the perspective that any gallery exhibition site is itself in a process of performative change. By employing devices that resist fixed or prioritised points of view and points in time — such as flux, drift, layering, and reconfiguration — her works seek an embodied attention within the ever moving present and actual.

RMIT University School of Art's SITUATE program and AIR – ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Niederösterreich conduct an annual exchange residency between Australia and Austria. AIR warmly welcomes Helen Grogen as the 2018 Australian artist of this exchance.

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