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The author and journalist Michal Hvorecky was born in Bratislava, where he lives today. His fight against anti-democratic structures and for the preservation of a free press is very evident in his literary works. Michal Hvorecky studied art history and semiotics-oriented aesthetic theory at the University of Nitra. He was granted a residency at University of Iowa and lived in Belgium, Germany and Austria.

Globalisation (in his novel City 2006), the dissolution of political and economic systems in the East, in addition to the fast-growing turbo-capitalism and arising poverty (in Eskorta, 2009) and the excesses of tourism (in Tod auf der Donau 2012) are crucial key themes in Hvorecky’s work that distinguishes itself by the masterful use of black irony.

The author writes mostly in Slovakian. His first German play Slowakisches Institut. Eine Satire premiered at the Theater Forum Schwechat in 2009.

His most recent novel Trol was very well received by both critics and readers. The story is placed in an Eastern Europe of the near future. An army of trolls rules over the internet – commenting, hounding and stirring up hatred…


Photo credit: Michal Hvorecký © Nora a Jakub

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