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James Rushford
Composer, musician and performance artist

James Rushford is a composer, musician, and performance artist. During his AIR residency, he will develop a new composition and work entitled Nupta Cadavera (marriage to a corpse) for the Imago Dei Easter Festival as part of his song cycle for his modified portative organ. Also featured in this piece is the Buchla synthesizer from the Ernst Krenek Forum. Inspired by fourteenth- and fifteenth-century love songs composed for the portative organ (Rossi Codex, Tuscan song cycle), this complex polyphonic work also addresses the Etruscan practice of torture and judgment of the dead, in which life is “married” to death during the process of the body’s decay—a metaphor for musical impermanence.

In cooperation with Osterfestival Imago Dei and the Ernst Krenek Institut.


Photo credit: James Rushford © Robert Szkolnicki

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