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Jorn Ebner
Illustrator, internet- and sound artist

Jorn Ebner studied English literature and visual arts before turning his attention to the internet as an artistic site. He is currently engaged in a long-term project focusing on recording urban sounds. Among other concerns, he is interested in the phenomenon of urban beekeepers and forms of bee communication. His aim is to develop a kind of artistic, sound-based, urban utopia in the form of an internet-based, sound-art project. During his stay at AIR in Krems, Jorn Ebner will design a short online sound work or sound study for Imago Dei, comprising three components: human voices, bee sounds, and urban and landscape sounds. The interdependency between man and honeybees calls into question the relationship between offering and sacrifice, man and nature.

Listen to the soundscapes at:

Photo credit: Jorn Ebner © Jens Heine

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