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For many years, Kunstverein Baden has been cooperating with AIR – ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Niederösterreich and once a year we bring together two artists who would otherwise probably never have met. Due to the ongoing pandemic, in 2021 for the first time we do not have a guest from abroad for our cooperation, but were able to win an AIR Niederösterreich affiliated artist from Austria for the exhibition at short notice: Julia Haugeneder, who has already been on exchange at custom House Studios Westport, Ireland.

Julia Haugeneder originally comes from the graphic arts, has intensively studied the linocut and innovative processing forms of this material. Her starting point is bookbinding glue, which she mixes with paint and plaster. Fragile and solid at the same time, objects emerge which she stretches, shapes and folds. This is how rolled, folded objects are created that hang, lie and stand in space.

The sculptor Arnold Reinthaler works with classical sculptural materials such as marble and granite. Material for eternity – no coincidence that they are used for gravestones and monuments. Rheinhaler engraves and chisels into the stone, however, not things that are fixed forever, but rather formations of possibility, fixations of time, thoughts of "what if" ­– that which is not yet reality, but could be possible future reality, something very fragile, in other words.

It is exciting that Arnold Reinthaler, as a sculptor, with his materials such as stone, remains more in the surface, in the pictorial character, while Julia Haugeneder, who comes from the surface of graphics, goes into the space with her objects. Thus, two artists will enter into a fruitful dialogue in the space of the Kunstverein Baden, addressing the possibilities of material, space and time in very different artistic translations and actions.

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