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Born in Pančevo (former Yugoslavia) Jasmina Topić studied linguistics and literature at the University of Belgrade. Her main focus lies on poetry, but she also works as a literary critic and publishes works in prose and essays. Her poetry debut was released in 1997 and was then followed by four additional poetry books. For eight years Jasmina Topić worked as a journalist for the weekly magazine Pančevac; furthermore, she is a freelancer for the Slovene daily newspaper Dnevnik.

The author is involved in the project Word Express (Literature Across Frontiers, UK). One of her main themes is the everchanging condition of literature during the multimedia era – which comes to expression when participating in performances, theatre- and photography-workshops.  As editor she supervises the Rukopisi/Handwritings-Almanach, an anthology for poetry and short prose with texts from young authors from ex-Yugoslavia. In addition, she is co-editor of the literature magazine Kvartal.


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