Four disciplines with project partners

Interdisciplinary work is one of the AIR – ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Niederösterreich program’s distinct and most important traits. Often blurring boundaries between individual disciplines, interdisciplinary work, as an artistic strategy, has increasingly become a thing of the norm in the current art and culture scene. International artists from the fields of building culture, fine arts, literature and music are invited to work in Krems where they are encouraged to exchange ideas and to inspire each other in their work. AIR organizes a get-together each month, where all current scholarship holders are invited to introduce themselves and to provide insight into their artistic work. This is an important networking opportunity for scholarship holders from all four artistic disciplines.

This interdisciplinary exchange is precisely what the Lower Austrian residency program states as its goal. Important partners have been acquired for this, and together with these, the residency program awards the AIR program scholarships.


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