Noemi Kiss


Noémi Kiss

Noémi is a writer and traveler. She studied Comparative literature, Sociology and Hungarian Studies at the University of Konstanz in Germany, and also at the University of Miskolc in Hungary, where she has been a lecturer since 2000. Kiss regularly publishes short stories, and fictional travelogues on Eastern Europe, and essays on photography and literature.

Her fiction features independent and vulnerable female figures, who sometimes flirt with the eccentric, but more often struggle in all-too-familiar environments. In her work, she is uncompromisingly addressing the topics that are still rarely talked about in public, for example the social construction of gender, unpleasant sides of motherhood, etc.

The German translation of Balaton (Europa Verlag 2021) was published in 2021; in fall 2024 Ein Hund an der Donau. Winternovellen will follow.


Citizenship: Hungary

Date of Birth: 1974

Lives in: Budapest

Residence: June 2023

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