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„Stephen Loughman explores and isolates scenes from sci-fi and horror films in his new series. In the film's terminology, an "icebox scene" is a plot inconsistency. The term was coined by Alfred Hitchcock when he was asked about the unlikely scene in Vertigo in which the character Madeleine disappears from the hotel where Scottie sees her. Hitchcock described it as a scene that hits you after you go home and start taking cold chicken out of the fridge. It's a subtle disruption of real logic that goes unnoticed while you're still in the film's logic. And then, when you return to the cold light of reality (or in Hitchcock's analogy, the cold light of the fridge), you have this "Hang on a second...!" moment. Stephen Loughman's new series is, in a way, a series of such "refrigerator moments". He selects individual scenes, freezes them and transfers them into painting, but he deletes everything else from the scene, so that, for example, only houses remain that seem impersonal, sometimes uncanny, as if something could happen here at any time.” (Rachel Donnelly)

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